The Students of MCAP: A Decade of the Moorpark College Archaeology Program

I have had several requests from old students for copies of the Moorpark College Archaeology Program (MCAP) class photos, so I thought I would collect them in one spot so students past and present can download a copy for themselves.

The experience of devising the MCAP project and being its Primary Investigator (lead archaeologist) has been one of the greatest joys (and learning experiences!) in my archaeological career.  I am eternally grateful to the students in these photos.  They made the project live and breathe, and I had a blast being their professor.  Some of these students I have not seen in a decade.  Some I see now and then at their jobs around town, and we spend a moment reminiscing about funny things that happened at the site.  Some I hear from with email updates on their most recent trips to archaeological netherworlds that even I have not seen.  Some got married to other students that they met in class!  And some of these students I will never see again.

Here is the complete collection of class photos since the project began in 2005 (the captions relate to the photo immediately above):



The first excavation class:  A nine-person-strong force to be reckoned with!
The photo was taken right after sunset, but for some reason appears to be taken at midnight.


MCAP class 2006

While Colleen Delaney-Rivera ran the excavation class this year, I helped out by taking the class photo.  Understandably, Jacob would rather eat a lollipop than have me take his photo.


We obviously need to invest in a tripod at some point.

MCAP class 2008v2
Why did I think it was a good idea to rest my head on the port-a-potty?

MCAP 2010
I forgot to take an official class photo, so the class officially made one for me following the highest professional standards.


Luckily, I still owned the sweatshirt from 2005…
(Notice that the original nine students have become twenty-seven!)

MCAP class 2013b2
The 2013 class was a shining example of good taste and sportsmanlike conduct.

MCAP 2014v3
The students made t-shirts.  I thought they came out great.

Since our first excavations, my students have mapped the site with GPS and transit, processed the artifacts in the lab, given presentations at the Society for California Archaeology (SCA) meetings, and written papers on the artifacts.  They have gone on to BA, MA, and PhD degrees at universities both locally and internationally.  One day, I have no doubt that one of them will take my job.  When they do, I hope that they will enjoy leading their students into the realms of archaeological excavation as much as I have.  I am very fortunate to be able to offer these experiences, and I hope that all of you enjoyed your time as part of a working archaeological crew.  Thank you all for a great decade!  Last one out make sure to lock the trailer…


About kinkellasarchaeology

I am a full-time professor of archaeology at Moorpark College in Southern California, with specialties in the ancient Maya, local Chumash cultures, and underwater archaeology. I began this blog in order to answer common questions my students have about the world of archaeology, while also having some fun relating stories from my current and past experiences as an archaeologist in the Mayan jungle.
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