Andrew Answers Archaeology

Why is Professor Kinkella Blogging about Archaeology Anyway?

I have started this blog for two reasons:  Reason one, to answer any archaeology-related questions from my students and the general public.  Reason two, to give you a feel for what it’s like to experience the world of archaeology firsthand, by posting stories from my past and present as a Maya archaeologist, underwater archaeologist, local California archaeologist, and college professor.  While telling my stories, I will make sure to retain a simple enjoyment in archaeology, to show you that archaeology can be engaging, edgy, funny, and flamboyant without aliens or other high-concept nonsense.   I promise that my posts will be simple, straightforward, jargon-free and intrinsically interesting.

Welcome, and don’t be shy – any archaeology-related question is fair game!


About kinkellasarchaeology

I am a full-time professor of archaeology at Moorpark College in Southern California, with specialties in the ancient Maya, local Chumash cultures, and underwater archaeology. I began this blog in order to answer common questions my students have about the world of archaeology, while also having some fun relating stories from my current and past experiences as an archaeologist in the Mayan jungle.
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